Teal and Amber Custom Mosaic Picture Frame

This is a custom 4×6 mosaic picture frame for someone’s grandson. The client wanted to match some items on her desk — teal pencil holder and red-amber Tiffany lamp. So the color combo was established: dark teal, amber, cream, red, and Van Gogh textured stained glass. The mosaic was made on a recycled wooden frame using stained glassContinue reading “Teal and Amber Custom Mosaic Picture Frame”

Green Mosaic Butterfly Mirror

Green Mosaic Mirror. I found these small mirrors in a thrift shop and gave a mosaic makeover. I chose a variety of textured green stained glass, with some touches of a beautiful, patterned Van Gogh glass. Each glass is hand cut, grouted dark gray and sealed with grout sealer. The sides and back are paintedContinue reading “Green Mosaic Butterfly Mirror”