Mosaic Grape Wine Bottle

Mosaic Grape Bottle made with recycled stained glass scrap on flat recycled wine bottle sun catcher. Purple glass pieces create the grapes, and green scrap fills the background. Each glass pieces is hand cut and glued to a transparent bottle ornament, grouted dark gray and sealed. It can be used as a bottle full of grapes wall decor or a unique wine sun catcher.

Mosaic Cross Ornaments

Little recycled glass pieces were used to make these adorable cross ornaments. I used tweezers and lots of wine to keep my hand steady. Every bit of glass gets used up in my studio.

Mosaic Sunflower Coasters

I made these sunflower mosaic with variety of yellow and green stained glass scrap, and textured copper Van Gogh glass as a focal point. Each glass piece is hand cut and laid into a recycled copper metal coaster, grouted dark brown and sealed. Each coaster is a quarter of a sunflower that creates a lovely sunburst when put together. This elegant set of rustic mosaic coasters is made with 100% recycled materials.