Mosaic Cross Ornaments

Little recycled glass pieces were used to make these adorable cross ornaments. I used tweezers and lots of wine to keep my hand steady. Every bit of glass gets used up in my studio.

Mosaic Sunflower Coasters

I made these sunflower mosaic with variety of yellow and green stained glass scrap, and textured copper Van Gogh glass as a focal point. Each glass piece is hand cut and laid into a recycled copper metal coaster, grouted dark brown and sealed. Each coaster is a quarter of a sunflower that creates a lovely sunburst when put together. This elegant set of rustic mosaic coasters is made with 100% recycled materials.

Sunflower Mosaic Trivet

I made this sunflower mosaic with recycled stained glass scrap on a vintage refurbished teak wood trivet. The wooden base needed some cleaning up and re-staining, but the round trivet is well made with raised top layer. This funcional recycled stained glass art makes a really beautiful table centerpiece.

Custom Green Mosaic Cross

The custom process starts with color selection. Once a customer chooses colors available from my scrap glass, I start the process and keep my client updated at every step. The cross is painted; a mosaic is created, grouted and finally sealed. The clients receives it and loves it (I hope). This green cross was requested by a returning customer. Thank you Jamie!