Upcycled Wooden Box

Recycled wooden box cleaned up and made into a stained glass mosaic blue violet trinket box. This was a light oriental tea box with a unique slits on the bottom to attach a ribbon, which makes this box a unique engagement ring box.

Handmade Rustic Wooden Cross

Everything Handmade! The wooden cross is handcrafted, stained and finished with rustic brown stained glass mosaic inlay design.

Nautical Mosaic Cross

Nautical Mosaic Cross made with stained glass scraps in shades of blue, amber, and gold-copper Van Gogh. Each glass piece is hand cut and glued to a thick 0.75″ MDF cross cut out, grouted dark gray and sealed for moisture protection. The sides and back are painted deep navy with a slight touch of metallic.

Upcycled Mosaic Picture Frame

Upcycled Mosaic Picture Frame — custom project. The selected colors were to represent a night beach scene in soft muted shades: variety of gray, purple, blue, and a touch of orange. The wooden frame had a deep burgundy paint that I cleaned up and left original with slight distress.